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Upcoming Newberry Events

We are pleased to team with three students from a Newberry College Public Relations class to work on a membership survey. They have developed the survey, and after finalizing, we will send it via email to our Chamber membership. They will then analyze the data, and what I am most interested in is finding out the workshop and training topics from which you or your business could benefit. When you receive your survey, please carefully consider the possibilities and let us know what you need to better help us plan. For some events in which we are involved in the near future, keep reading.

The Newberry County Coalition on Underage Drinking will host the 2nd Annual Tom Perry Basketball Tournament on March 24 with the goal of forging positive relationships between youth and law enforcement. Last year's attendance was great, and this year, there are over 100 youth registered to play in this event. If you are an adult who plays, even a little, or knows someone who does, I strongly urge you to consider registering to play. Don't play? There are a number of other ways in which you can be involved. Terecia Wilson, the coordinator, would be happy to talk with you about how you can help. Contact her at 803-276-5690. Even if you just need a refresher that there is good in the world, this is an event that will have you leaving feeling better and more positive about the future.

Are you aged 21 through 40 and would like to meet similar aged individuals? Check out the Newberry County Young Professionals. They gather frequently for meals, socials, and civic discussion. Check out all of their events on their Facebook page: Newberry YP's, and let them know you will join them.

Along with Brook Health Care and Medical Services of America, the Chamber will again host the Senior Expo on