Why Join Our Chamber? 

Newberry County Chamber of Commerce Sout

There are a lot of different organizations you and your business can choose to join here in Newberry, SC. But, we can think of dozens of great reasons to become a member. Here are our Top 10 for you to consider:

  1. Direct Business Referrals​​​​: As a member, when visitors, prospects, and clients tell us they need services in your line of business, we refer those opportunities directly to you. It's like a shortcut to the front of the line!

  2. Publications: We work closely with local publications to promotes our members.

  3. Customized Listing Online: Members are listed in our online website directory, and are given special rates for featured postings and advertising opportunities. 

  4. Visitor Center Promotion: Every member benefits from our visitor center which is located in the center of downtown Newberry. Members can display promotional items, brochures or business cards.

  5. Membership Networking: Thought various events, programs, and meetings we provide opportunities for community to learn more about our members and the services they offer. 

  6. Newsletter: We send out our weekly newsletter to hundred in our local community and members have the benefits of being featured.  

  7. Learning Opportunities from Business Experts: We host lunch and learns to help better your business knowledge and offer opportunities to share your business expertise. 

  8. Increased Exposure for Your Business or Organization: We get the word out about your business or organization to a captive audience through sponsorships, community engagements, and advertising opportunities

  9. Credibility: Being a chamber of commerce member makes your business more desirable to customers. When a small business is a chamber of commerce member, consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the business in the future. 

  10. Small Business Development: The Newberry Chamber is committed to helping small businesses start, sustain and succeed. we’re here to help you through the maze of small business ownership, teach you how to avoid pitfalls and provide you with the assistance you need.