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Friends of the Chamber

Nancy Bickford-Jordan, Ph.D.

Dan and Nita Chandler

Alan and Nikki Davis

Ron Halfacre

Walt McLeod

A.A. "Andy" and Willie Morris Morris

Agnes Routon

William P. and Winnie Senn

Bill and Eleanor Sommerville

John Thompson, M. D.

Joe and Peggy Boozer

Henry Counts

Sandy and Joanne Fretwell

Michelle B. Long

Mike Meadow

Kay M. Poston

Harriett and John Rucker

Katheryn Shealy

Phil and Kathy Spotts

Joe and Linda White

Scott and Cathy Cain

William and Mary Ann Cross

Sammie Graham

Liz MacDonald

Barbara Miller

Rufus Rogers

Frank M and Sandy Senn

Jack and Julie Shields

John Thomason

These are community members who believe in and support the mission and programs of the Chamber of Commerce.

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